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JP Morgan Chase | Chase Your CK Adventure
Sensitization of American Culture to employees is difficult, but this project made the entire sensitization learning just a simple game.
A game-based solution to ensure user engagement and interactivity in keeping with the premise that learning is most effective when the learner imbibes knowledge in a game environment. This would gel even better with the target learner for this course, who is a young person well-exposed to electronic games.
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Ask Financials (On boarding):
The ASK Group is a renowned Financial Services Group and is passionate about its business and wants its staff to feel the same way. Achieving a shared vision and values among the global workforce from face-to-face training alone wasn't ideal, so ASK turned to e-learning to improve its induction for new staff. Using a scenario based approach, Zobble created a visually rich and engaging induction programme. It explains the group's history, core values and principles, companies under it along with their services. It is designed to inspire new employees and empower them to perform efficiently on the sound of "GO".
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Saint Gobain India | Code of Conduct
The requirement was to introduce the SGI employees to the 14 Code of Conduct elements in more efficient manner. To which we proposed a scenario based e-learning solution, which was engaging and interactive. The module had a female mascot who initiated the introduction, and later introduced to the rest of the characters in the conference room. Content was actually presented in the form of discussion happening between these characters. Real life situations/experiences which actually occur in work environment were used in explaining each element. Content was presented with the help of on-screen text, audio, graphics and animations which would keep the user engaged throughout the course.
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The MobileStore
The objective was to develop an interactive course to train the new recruits on the company’s products and related technologies. The course also talks about The MobileStore as a brand, its policies and customer-centric approach, in a novel style. The charming mascots ‘MobiKanth’ and ‘Nuvo’, makes it a fun-filled learning experience. Creative graphics and animation backed by highly relevant content keeps the learner’s attention intact throughout the course. Right from conceptualization to execution, we made sure that the learning is offered keeping the learners in mind.
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HUL CD Finance Function
HUL is one of the leading players in the FMCG industry. Finance being the heart of every organization of this stature, training on financial procedures is important. The personnel have to be trained on processes right from displaying the products correctly to partnering with the right distributors and stockiest.

Zobble created a scenario based program leaving no scope for error in critical financial transactions with vendors. The learning is dispersed by a character “Sherdil” and game based quizzes help in retaining the learner’s attention.
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ICICI Prudential Life Insurance | Knowledge Quotient
We proposed a Flash-based, animated and interactive e-learning course designed to impart knowledge as unobtrusively as possible. This could be accomplished through a ‘wrapper theme’ – i.e., we would wrap the course content with an adventure storyline. The strategy was to make the learner enjoy the adventure, with the learning process happening in the course of the adventure.
Thus, our proposal was designed to help ICICI Prudential ensure a basic organizational and business knowledge benchmark for its employees, which would increase their resonance with the organization.
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Reliance Consumer Finance | Onboarding Training
The Onboarding training is provided to the employee with an help of various modules where the employee not only get familiar with the company but the parent company, the values and culture, the processes, the departments and much more. This process of watching an other person being inducted and co-incidentally learning about the company is adapted for this project.
The main challenge was to make the entire course engaging as it is a detailed course.
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BCMS: (Business as usual):
Keeping a business on track in the event of a natural or man-made disaster takes careful preparation. Zobble created a learning program for Reliance Capital highlighting the need for Business Continuity Planning in this highly demanding time of customer service. The course also covered the process of BCMS and the guidelines to be followed for BS 25999 certification. The learners were kept engaged through interactive quizzes and scenarios.
This interactive compliance program continues to engage Reliance's employees, helping insure they will take proper action whenever they might be faced with an otherwise disruptive event.
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BSLI signature verification
Presenting the importance of ‘Signature Verification’ and making the learners understand the process of verifying signature may otherwise sound a very conventional course. ‘Innovation’ being our ‘Rule’, we tried to add all the possible elements to develop an overall learning experience for the users. Right from the start, where learner is taken back to the old times explaining the significance of ‘authenticity’, to detecting forgery and even practicing the ‘process of verification’, BSLI Signature Verification course contains all the essentials- the visuals, animation and content to grip its learner’s interest.
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Anti-Bribery and Corruption- UK (Build a Culture of Compliance):
All financial institutions need to raise the level of awareness of the regulatory issues which can open your firm up to fines, criminal charges and reputational damage.
ICICI Bank approached Zobble to create an awareness program on Bribery and corruption laws applicable in UK. Learning was dispersed through real like situations were learners get a chance to make appropriate choices.
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  What's New

• An elearning course developed for Essar on Supply and Distribution.
• Number of courses developed for Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (HUL) on various topics.
• Compentency Certificate Program for ICICI Prudential Life Insurance.
• Complaince course for Birla Sun Life Insurance.

  Client Testimonials

From Himani Pandey, ICICI Bank
Work done by your team is highly appreciated. Not only the quality of work but the sincerity and speed with which the work is completed is commendable. Thank you for finishing the work in a time bound manner.Really enjoyed working with you guys. Hope that more such opportunities arise in the future.

Many of our clients have appreciated the quality of our work and professional approach. Here are a few testimonials we have received from ICICI Prudential Life Insurance for Vertical Unlimited, a game-based e-learning course we developed for their sales team.

From Ravi Sanjit, Associate Vice President, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance "Application form rejection is a major challenge for our sales teams leading to unproductive work with the sales person having to go back to the customer repeatedly for completing the documentation. Vertical Unlimited is a game that is easy to play and by playing multiple times, has helped in improving one's knowledge about the form-filling process. Every time you play with different versions of the application form, the new challenges keep the player fully engaged."

From Sucharita Dey, Area Manager, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance"The game Vertical Unlimited really gives an insight on filling up the form without any mistake. It is a very creative way of teaching to fill an application form. It was worth the time I spent on the game. The game instructions were simple and helped understanding the game play. The game play was really interesting and engaging. I would recommend the game to my colleagues and sales force. It has increased the employee ability to identify mistakes on the application forms. With this game, the average turnaround time for the application form can improve."

From Shruti Kumble, Associate Training Manager, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance "Enjoyed the game Vertical Unlimited! It was a nice way to spend time and learn things. The instructions were clear and it certainly helped identify important areas of form filling. I would recommend it to my colleagues. The game can be really valuable to understand the insurance policy application and form filling processes better. Such a creative training solution has eliminated my reluctance to learning newer processes. It helps a lot in making things very easy and it's a fun way to learn about the application form. It gets participants excited an involved."

From Gurmeet Bhatia, Vice President Sales & Distribution, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance"This game Vertical Unlimited provided a good visual interface and opportunities for our sales force to practice application form filling in a simulated environment."

From Jyoti Tiwari, Saint-Gobain"We thank you and your team for the considerable effort that has been put to bring up our E-learning module: Saint-Gobain India Code of Conduct, to its current shape. Right from the mascot, treatment to each element , the assessment, the module has charmed most of us.
This module was recognized and awarded a Star in our Global Star Communication Awards for the articulation and treatment of each element.
Zobble Team has been diligent enough to work through several rounds of changes, updates and last minute fixes, at times working late. We want you to know that this has not gone unnoticed and we truly appreciate what Zobble Team has done for us.
We trust that Zobble Team continues to show their good work. We bank on you for our next module Saint-Gobain in India."

From Kelvin Chan, HitachiHappy with what I’ve experienced so far. Good that we do not have to be exceedingly involved beyond maintenance attention. Definitely appreciate the close support. As projects are always never 100% smooth with unexpected hiccups along the way, I deeply appreciate Zobble’s repeated timely help and support which comes without pressure on rework cost, unhappiness, etc...

Zobble has superlative team with expertise which in turn has delivered the project with superior quality within the specified time. One of the eQuiz the team developed has been well established with conduction of more than 30 months constantly. Dedication, determination and ability to understand the client's requirements are the qualities of the team which has been observed and executed very well. Wishing Zobble all the very best !"

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